Power And Control Services, Inc.
Power And Control Services, Inc.


Our experience includes using the full range of Valmet distributed control systems from the Sentrol days to the most recent DNA systems, as well as Honeywell Experion PKS. We have also utilized PLC's using RSLogix 5000 and Studio 5000 Logix Designer to meet the control needs of our customers. Our experience includes setting up communications between all three systems for data sharing as well as joint control of devices across the various platforms. Most recently this experience has been applied to the paper-making industry with products ranging from tissue to paper board.

Process Instrumentation

If you are seeking devices to add to, or replace current devices in your process, we will share any experience we have with them and the environment they have been used in to assist you in finding the best match for your desired result. We can then supplement your current workforce to install and comission your devices, if desired.


We also perform maintenance and repairs on sensors and scanning equipment that are critical to producing a quality product. 

Wiring, Cabling, and Panel Building

If your current workforce is already dedicated to other projects or maintenance tasks, we can handle these jobs for you. Whether it is control wiring or power conductors, we strive to keep abreast of the currently adopted National Electrical Code and general good practices to run, terminate, or reroute and wiring you need.


We also have experience in making custom cables to suit your needs. Cables we have previously made include replacements for inside DCS cabinets and scanner cables that run through power tracks and need to withstand constant flexing and rubbing. These cables often have hard to find connectors on them, but we have the tools and supplies needed to produce them at a reasonable cost to you.


If you need a new panel built for a project, or have many new I/O points being added because of a project, we can care for your needs. We not only have much experience in assembling panels, but will focus on efficiency and detail to make sure your panel is logically organized and is prepared for easy tracing.

Information Technology

A critical part to any control system is how the operators and technicians interface with it. We have experience in building and configuring computer systems that will enable your employees to interact with your control systems with ease no matter what the environmental circumstances are. Whether you have a cool, clean control room to set a computer in, or a hot, humid, and dusty machine floor that requires an operator station, we can provide a solution for you.


We have also seen many times that computer technology has advanced to the point that it can no longer run the older engineering or display software of what is an otherwise rock-solid control system and it is not cost effective to upgrade an entire system to replace that one component that is now at, or well beyond, its assumed lifespan. We have thus started creating virtual systems that can run on the newer computers, but provide the functionality that you are used to at a fraction of cost of upgrading an entire control system.

Equipment Testing and Repair

If you are having problems with your Sentrol, Valmet, Neles or Metso DCS or scanner equipment, we have the ability to test and repair your equipment. We also have a selection of equipment available for purchase as spares or upgrades. Please contact us to see if we have the parts that you require.


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